Thursday, July 18, 2013

.....just another pool day.....

More Summa Time

The baseball season came to an end for Lucas and Landon.....

Why charge the battery when you have man power???  I was so proud to see Landon and Danee taking turns. 

I love that the boys still play with their puppies!! 

Once again, Landon takes things to the next level.  He loved backing his jeep off the front stairs... 

We have had the wettest July I can ever remember having in Utah.  It seems like it has been raining every night for the last two weeks. 
Last Saturday we lost our power from 2:30 until 9:30 that night.  We gathered all our flashlights and lit numerous candles.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Independence Day

We started celebrating Independence Day on July 3rd this year.  It was just the boys and Steve & I who set off a handful of fireworks.  Landon is still not a big fan of the really load ones and him and I both ran for cover when one of the fireworks fell apart and started shooting right at us.  Scary I tell you.  That night Landon and I also decorated his bike for our 2nd annual 4th of July neighborhood parade, unfortunately it rained in the night and ruined some of our hard work.  Landon did not care as much as I did.     

Lucas did not want to ride in the parade so Steve went with Landon while Lucas and I watched from the sideline.  There were a lot more people in the parade this year than last year and hopefully it just continues to grow.

After the parade we loaded up the truck and headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon for the fun little parade at Brighton.  It is such a laid back atmosphere, the parade never starts on time and anyone who wants to join in is free to do so.  Lucas and Landon choose to be spectators and managed to collect a bag full of candy.  We took Taby with us and soon found out that might not have been the best idea as she did not like the sirens from the fire trucks in the parade. 

After the parade we took the boys fishing in the river.  We did not catch any fish but we did manage to get eaten alive by all the bugs. 

For the firework festivities we were joined by Grandma & Papa and Aunt Erin.  It was a great day to be an American. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dive Right In

Steve and I took the boys swimming at Alta Canyon last Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday they both kept going down the water slide and by Sunday Landon insisted on going off the diving board.   

After Landon went a couple of times, Lucas then decided to try it as well.  They had both gone off the diving board for swimming lessons in the past but never on their own time, for fun.

Once they started they did not want to do anything else.  At one point, as Lucas and I watched from the side, Landon did a front flip and almost bonked his head.  It was only his fourth time going off the diving board and I told him no more flips until he learned to jump far enough away from the board that he would not hit his head.  He almost gave this mom a heart attack and Lucas just stood there in awe.   

After about an hour, Landon said he wanted to go off the high diving board!  This kid is fearless I tell ya!!  Lucas had climbed the ladder for the high dive earlier with his friend Liam, but had decided not to do it.  Now, here was his little brother doing it and having a blast. 
After watching Landon jump off the high dive a couple of times, Lucas finally said "Well I can't just sit here and watch him do this, I have to go try it." 
So he did!! 
I took Lucas and Landon back to Alta Canyon on Tuesday and for three hours those boys jumped off the diving boards. 

Lovin' Summer

To take advantage of our Pass of All Passes, the boys, Danee and I headed to Planet Play or what is now know as All Star.  First off we hit the buffet lunch where I had a salad and they chose pizza, pasta, nachos, chicken nuggets and french fries.  We then played a handful of games as well as miniature golf and miniature bowling.  
Before heading for home we stopped back by the buffet and had dessert.

Lucas and Landon were so excited to get to have a play date with their friend Gabe and I was happy to get to catch up with his mom Dani.  We met up at Gabes' grandpas house  where we had the entire pool to ourselves.  We always have so much fun with the Caziers and the only issue we had was the amount of times Dani and I heard the word "MOM".  ;)  

Summer Baseball has been a little hard on mom and dad with these 100+ degree baseball games.  Thank goodness for the shade and spray bottles.