Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween 2013

The evening of October 29th was a night I will not soon forget.  As I was walking down to the basement, Taby got under my feet and we both fell down the stairs.  At some point I landed on top of her and she immediately began crying in an unforgettably horrific way.  Steve scooped her up and held her while I gathered my bearings.  She began defecating involuntarily and so we all rushed her to the emergency vet.  It was such an emotional experience, as we had no idea how serious her injuries were.  As there was nothing more we could do for Taby, we were sent home to wait for test results and x-rays.  The doctor found possible spinal injury and performed steroid injections that night.  I did not sleep much the first night and neither did the boys. 
The next day, Taby was better neurologically but after more tests the vet found that her bladder had a tear and was leaking urine in her abdomen.  As we spent the evening carving pumpkins and trying to keep ourselves occupied, Taby was taken in for surgery to repair her bladder.  When tragedies strike around the holidays, it's so hard to carry on and put on a brave face for our children. 
The next day I just wanted to go sit at the hospital with my dog but was in charge of the Halloween party for the kindergarten class.  So immediately after Landon and I left his classroom we went to visit Taby at the vet.  She was still pretty out of it from having surgery the night before but was doing a lot better then the last time I saw her.  At 4:20 on Halloween eve we got a call from the vet saying we could come back and pick up our dog.  I think we were there and back home with our baby girl by 5:00!  Just in time for chili and trick-or-treating.  :)  
The first couple of days were really rough with Taby, trying to get her to eat, forcing medicine down her throat several times a day and having to carry her every where.  Gradually we could see that she was getting better.  Now 2 weeks later she runs around under my feet as if nothing ever happened.  's what else was going on at the McCormack household.

Wheeler Farm & More

Last month we spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Wheeler Farm with the Armstrong family.  I'm amazed how much the boys still love the playground and climbing all over the old tractors.  It's so nice to have such good friends that we are completely comfortable being ourselves around.
We were all surprised at the cost of the wagon ride but the guys let us go ahead and spend the $2 per person to ride.  Granted they had installed new seats on the wagons but I remember when they used to be like 50 cents a person.  It's not like they had cushions or shocks or anything fancy like that.  Oh well, it's not something we do everyday. 

The 5 cutest kids around, I know they look like little models.  ;) 

After walking around and looking at all the animals, the guys took advantage of an open field and the beautiful weather and played a friendly little game of footie, footie football.  Us girls stood on the sidelines cheering them on. 

The leaves were not falling off the trees fast enough to suit little Landon and so he was giving them a helping hand.  Dress Code:  Pants Optional. 

I love how they take carving pumpkins so seriously!!  I did not get a picture but we also had lots of our homemade witches brew. 

October Fun

Landon loves going to school and is so excited to making new friends.  

Over fall break Steve and I took the boys to the Scarecrow Festival where they had lots of games and fun activities for the kids to do - FOR FREE!! 

Our cowgirl from Wyoming. 

Sometimes it's easier to drink our fruits & veggies than it is to eat them.  I still enjoy the drama that comes along with them.  

A silly dog and a silly boy.

My costume was inspired by an old photo of my mom with her dad and her sister.

Fall Soccer

The soccer season came and went before we knew it!!  Here are a few pictures.