Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Landon Turns 3

It is hard to believe that my "baby" just turned 3 years old!! I know it is so cliche to say that time flys so I won't even bother saying it.

Landon decided that he wanted a Go Diego Birthday Party at home with friends and family. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said "cake". Well that was easy. After sending out the invitations I then decided to call about a company flier we had received in the mail called Scales and Tails. They are a company who bring various reptiles and small exotic animals to your party location. What a great idea the owner of that company had!
Landon had lots of family members attend his party as well as numberous little friends.
Our cute friend Big Gracie looking so stylish. Matt, Aimee & Danee WhetmanWaiting for the Scales and Tails presentation to start...... (Notice the cute face Landon's little friend Parker, on the far right, is making.)

Aunt Erin & Landon enjoying the show.
This is my kind of pet.
Landon was very willing to go up front and volunteer to hold one of the snakes - even if he was frozen solid the whole time.
Our friend Mia showed no fear at all.
Matt & Isabel Armstrong sitting by Grandma Judy.
Lucas also showed no fear when it came to handling the snakes.
Little Gracie Armstrong and Nate Carter getting a turn at being a snake handler.

The McCormack FamilyLandon is not a fan of loud noises and so while we were all singing Happy Birthday he proceeded to plug his ears. ;) He had such a wonderful 3rd Birthday and we are so happy that we got to share it with family and friends.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year!!

So far the New Year has been full of lots of playdates for Lucas and Landon as well as lots of play time together. Landon seems content to watch his brother play his Nintendo DS and Batman Lego game.

They both love playing with their Imaginext Castle, Batman Cave and Pirate Ship and they are some of my favorite toys to play with as well. ;)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning around 5 am Lucas came into my room and wanted to know if Santa had come to our house yet. I noticed what time it was and told him it was still too early to get up so we all managed to sleep for a few more hours. After mom and dad grabbed the mandatory morning cup of coffee we headed to the living room to see what Santa had left. Lucas was so excited to see a miniature marvel hero sticking out of his stocking that this year we decided to do stockings first. As you can tell it took Landon a little longer to wake up but he too was soon into shredding the paper from gifts to see what lay in side.Lucas was most excited when he opened up his new Batman movie.

Cute lil puppy hats that mom could not resist buying for the boys. I hope they actually use them, goodness knows it has been cold enough to need them.

Landon seemed most excited about his brothers Wrestling Ring even though he got almost everything that was on his Christmas list. He was also excited about his new movies and Buzz Lightyear Action Figure.
Grandma Judy, Papa Joe and Aunt Erin came over later in the morning so they could see what the boys got from Santa and we spent the day just hanging out and playing with new toys.We headed to Grandma and Papa's house around 3 pm for Christmas dinner.
The "kids table" - don't we all remember sitting here at one point in our life. I remember not wanting to sit at the "kids table" because I was too old and the adults always seemed to be having so much fun.

After dinner we opened presents with Grandma, Papa, Uncle Chris, Aunt Ang and Aunt Erin. The boys got new Puppy Pillow Pets from their Grandma that they love to sleep with along with movies, personalized books and lots of other fun toys.
Uncle Chris and Aunt Ang got the boys new Razor Scooters that will get tons of use if it ever warms up outside. Today Lucas wanted to ride his scooter but our driveway and sidewalks are covered in ice.
We got back home early enough for the boys to try out their new inflatable cars for Wii that Aunt Erin gave them. At one point in the night I did convince Lucas to let me try it out but Landon on the other hand stayed glued to his car the entire night.
Who knew they doubled as a bed?

We all had a wonderful Christmas and look forward to many more wonderful memories in 2011.