Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bring on Summer Break!!!

We signed up for the summer reading program at the Sandy Library and the boys have been doing some "homework" each day so they don't forget everything they learned last year.  ;) 
One of our favorite things about summer is getting to spend more time with our best friends, the Armstrongs.  We took advantage of our Pass of All Passes on Monday by going to Planet Play for miniature golf, miniature bowling, laser tag and bumper cars.  On Wednesday we met up with our besties again by hitting 7 Peaks water park for the first time this season. 

Wednesday evening the boys had their first baseball game of the season.  They were at the same time so I watched Landon and Steve watched Lucas. 

The boys and I went on our first hike of the year to Rocky Mouth Falls on Friday.  It was a nice short hike so there was no complaining and I told the boys we will gradually increase the length of our hikes.  I told them all week we had spent time doing things they wanted to do and so hiking is the one thing I love to do, hopefully they will grow to love it.

Last Day of 2nd Grade!!

On the last day of school Lucas had a dance festival at school.  Each grade learns a dance and then performs for the parents outside on the lawn.  It is so nice to see him perform with all his classmates. 
Once the dance was over we picked up his report card and celebrated the beginning of summer break by going to lunch at Rocky Mountain Pizza.  After lunch we met one of his friends at the bike jumps and Lucas then went to his house to play for a couple of hours.  He was so excited to get a break from school.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Preschool Graduate!!

I am so proud of our little preschool graduate!!  He did awesome this year and will be going off to kindergarten in the fall.  I cried when I dropped him off for his last day, I really can't believe how big he is getting.  I loved his Wonder Kids Preschool teacher, Ms. Nicole, we will miss her dearly.  She has taught Landon so much and he has come so far with her these last two years. 
Landon helped lead The Pledge and got up in front of everyone and spelled his name!! 

Unlike his older brother, Landon sang all the songs and participated with the whole class.  There were even a few times I could hear his voice over all the other kids.  YEAH!!! 

The BEST preschool teacher EVER and the CUTEST boy EVER - in one picture!!

Warmer Days are Here Again

Lucas had his little friend Henry sleep over last weekend and the boys had tons of fun.  Henry's brother Wesley was sleeping at his friends house just down the street as well and so we ended up with all the neighbor hood kids at our house.  I had the tough job of being referee. 

This dog has a tough job just laying around being spoiled and looking cute.
Steve and I took the boys and some of the neighbor kids on a night walk.  The boys usually bring their flashlights and try to find treasures but they were too busy goofing around with their friends.  This was the moon when we got home.  

Steve and I spent most of Memorial weekend painting the fence and so by the time Monday rolled around we were ready to relax outside in the sun.  It was still a little cool for the pool so we opted for water balloons and water guns.