Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just Can't Get Enough

Landon loves to listen to music and show off his best moves. He is so limber and flexible, he often looks like he should be a back-up dancer for Katie Perry (or some other well know artist).
Even at Grandma Judy's house he gets into the groove and finds things laying around that help him get into character.
Lucas on the other hand seems to always have his mind set on playing soccer, basketball or football.
We got to enjoy our first Grizzlies Hockey Game of the season last week. We met up with the Armstrong family for dinner before heading over to watch the game. It ended up being a really good game and the boys had a lot of fun.
Lucas lost his first top tooth finally. I think that thing has been loose for at least a month now and at one point we thought maybe the Tooth Fairy would run into Santa Clause.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Landon Turns 4

Landon started out celebrating his 4th Birthday with a family party at Grandma Judy's house. Unfortunately Lucas had been really sick so him and I were unable to attend the festivities. However Steve and Landon enjoyed some of grandma's cooking as well as an ice cream cake for desert.
Last Tuesday was Landon's actual birthday. He woke up early to cinnamon rolls and a couple of birthday presents. He also got to spend the day with daddy since he took the day off work. The three of us enjoyed playing games that concluded with an extensive Nerf gun battle.
I let Landon choose what he wanted for dinner and would you believe he chose hot dogs?? We also had Brats just to spice things up a little. He said he wanted brownies instead of cake so that is what he got.
Landon decided that he wanted a swimming birthday party at the same place Lucas had his last year. I was hoping he could be persuaded to go ice skating instead but he was not about to give in to my wishes. Oh well, we had fun swimming instead.
We got to the Rec. Center a little early and so by the time some of his guests arrived for the party, Landon was done with swimming and ready to move on to the presents.
However once some of our friends showed up, Lucas was content to stay in the pool for the rest of the night.
Despite the wet weather we had, Nichole & Jim Mathis came down from Lehi to help us celebrate.
We were also joined by Kerrie, Matt, Jack and Aiden Turvey.
Aunt Erin once again was recruited to help out with all the kiddos in the pool. Someone made the comment that they want an Aunt Erin. :)
Landon got quit after getting out of the pool and was not sure what to do with all the attention.
We were also joined by the Armstrong family and the Williamson girls. We are so thankful to have such amazing family and friends who helped us celebrate my baby boys birthday. He is growing so darn fast.
Landon loves his new bike from mom & dad and the way he is growing it will be just the right size by the time the summer rolls around.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Days and Winter Nights.....

We finally got snow last weekend and we were all so excited to get outside and play. After shopping around for a new bike for Landon's birthday, we headed over to a nearby park to do some sledding. We realized that the next time it snows we need to invest in another sled because the boys loved it!
They didn't even complain about having to climb (or crawl in Landon's case) back up the hill. Nor did either one of them complain about the cold, I was the first one who was ready to go after two hours on the hill.
Lucas was glad that we ran into some of his school friends, as we were far from the only family taking advantage of the white stuff.
After sledding we headed home where the boys helped me shovel the driveway and sidewalks before heading inside for a mandatory cup of hot cocoa.
(A little shout out to Kristen Upp - the boys love this cup and always fight over it!) ;)
It seems over half of the pictures on my cameras are of Landon running around in his underpants. In fact when I just walked into the other room to take pictures of the boys, Landon was nearly naked again.
Talk about cheap entertainment for a Friday night at the McCormack house. I was glad that Landon had the idea of running out to the garage to get helmets before continuing play.
And once the box fell apart they moved on to bigger ideas....
I'm not sure whose idea it was to play these games in the first place but we all had a great time.