Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to School

It is hard to believe that my little boy is in first grade!!
As much as I hate to see the summer come to an end, I love all the excitement of "Back to School". New clothes, new shoes, new books - I love it. Lucas was not too excited about starting school but I know he was happy to see all his friends. His favorite part of the day guessed it Recess. I was nervous about Lucas eating lunch at school and he learned after the first couple of days that he needed to eat faster. Each evening we go over the lunch menu for the next day and Lucas decides if he wants school lunch or wants to bring his own.
Now that Lucas goes to school all day it is hard to schedule playdates during the week. Once he gets home from school, has his snack, and does his homework it is then time for dinner. He does get out early on Fridays so that is when he usually gets to play with his friends.
As much as I miss Lucas while he is at school, it is sort of nice having some one on one time with Landon. I still can't help but feel a little guilty when we go do fun things, knowing that Lucas is sitting in a desk at school.
Landon and Gracie enjoy a special date at Smash Burger.