Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things We LOVE

Not too much to report from the McCormack household - just trying to pass the time until the nice weather arrives (and stays.) On this particular day both boys got all dressed up to help daddy replace the faucet in our upstairs bathroom. The heater was working the whole time so I'm not really sure what was with the winter hats but they sure thought they were necessary.Cool guy talking on the phone to grandma.Nothing like a nice warm bubble bath to warm you up. This was also the first day of kindergarten that Lucas was absent due to a nasty cough that we all passed back and forth for two weeks.
We love to dress up as Pirates.............I love when they get along.The boys love to help make brownies and that is why mom has resorted to counting calories to loose some weight. One of our new favorite things to do as a family is dump out the big box of Legos and share our creations with one another.Lucas and Landon both love doing puzzles and I love watching them work so well together.One of Lucas' little friends from school that he loves to have play dates with. Henry is such a sweet little boy and I enjoy volunteering with his mom Becky in their class on Tuesdays.We love the days that we have our little friend Danee over. Landon and her are starting to play a lot better together. Lucas loves to pose for the camera and this time Landon was the one taking the pictures. Not bad for a three year old.Remember to take time for the ones you love.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Lucas and Landon both love to help out in the kitchen - especially when baking. It seems this winter I have done my fair share of baking and it is starting to show. I think because I was unable to do a whole lot in the exercise department I saw that as an excuse to eat junk as well. I had my neck surgery two weeks ago today and I'm feeling great. I hope I am done with surgery for a very, VERY long time. I have been cleared by the doctor to start running again, as long as I gradually ease my way back into it. Now I just have to wait for the temperature to raise above 10 degrees. Brrrrrr.

Lucas is doing really good in school and enjoys it for the most part. He is not a huge fan of doing homework but a lot of times it is fun homework; like on this particular day his assignment was to go the the park on a snowy day. We were the only people there and the boys thought it was lots of fun. We also took our sled and they took turns going down the hill with mom. Last year Lucas did not like sledding but this year he could not get enough of it. I think it may be time to hit the big slopes.

The end of what I am sure was a fun filled day. They are so precious when sleeping...........