Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Living Planet Aquarium

A couple of weeks ago Aunt Erin took Landon, Lucas, Steve and I to the Living Planet Aquarium here in Sandy as a special treat. Her friend Mel works at the aquarium and so we were able to get the behind the scene tour as well as the regular tour. One of the first places we went behind the scenes was the tank that had the sharks in it. It was sort of scary holding Landon while looking down into the tank - I just thought for sure I was going to drop him but luckily that did not happen. We also got to see and touch the octopus which at first Lucas was not real keen on but he finally worked up the courage and went up the ladder for a closer look.

One of my favorite exhibits is the frogs - I love the bright blue and yellow frogs. They almost don't even look real. Steve, Erin and I got to touch the sting rays and after some time Lucas was able to get his arm down in the tank enough to touch one as well. Landon's arms were not long enough but he still enjoyed playing in the water.

We got to see the newest exhibit - the penguins which was cool as well.
At one point during our tour Mel went to the back and brought out a snake for the boys to see. They were both brave enough to touch the snake which really surprised me. Lucas was so proud of himself.
Towards the end of our tour we went to one of the back rooms where they had lots of cages of different animals that were not on display. The boys got to touch yet another snake and they saw tarantulas, Madagascar Cock Roaches and a few other things we can't recall. ;) Last but not least it was off to see the birds. There were approximately 7 birds - parrots, toucans and something else. Some of the birds did little dances for us and one bird kept saying "cereal". To this day Landon will start talking about the bird who kept saying "cereal". The boys really enjoyed the entire visit which would not have been half as fun without Aunt Erin and Mel.

Warm October Days

I am not sure what the neighbors think about Landon running around the block in his underroos...but I sure do think it is pretty cute. At least he remembered to put his helmet on!!This last month has been unseasonably warm and the boys have definately enjoyed being outside playing. There were a couple of days last week that I was running in 90 degree weather. I have really been hoping for the fall cool down and I think it is just around the corner.The boys always enjoy when we have our little friend Danee over. This particular day we had her for the whole day and Lucas was so worried that she would not be at the house when we picked him up from school. Danee and Landon seem to play pretty well together, although he did ask where her mommy was.
Danee seems to have taken a strong liking to Lucas and proceeded to show off for him as soon as he was home from school. He kept telling me that she is the funniest girl he knows. :) We just can't get enough of our Danee girl.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Just Hangin Out

Not much has been going on at the McCormack household lately - other than the usual. Lucas is getting used to getting up and going to school everyday and seems to really enjoy it now that he is making new friends. We have been walking to school at least once a week and hope to continue this trend even throughout the winter. The last couple of times we walked we stopped and picked up some friends along the way and they too seemed to enjoy the early morning camaraderie. Landon really seems to enjoy the one-on-one time with mom while Lucas is in school. He gets upset if we do not head right home to hang out and instead spend the time running errands. Lucas as well will tell me to make sure that I run my errands while he is in school so that he can come right home. Homebodies...sort of like their mom at times. :)Lucas has been playing soccer for the last month or so. As much as I enjoyed my coaching experience last season; it is so nice to be able to sit on the sidelines and watch the games. The coach this season is really good with the boys and at the end of every game the boys all get a patch to put on their jerseys. Lucas is doing awesome this season. He is one of the oldest kids on his team and has some experience so therefor is one of the better players. He is always sure to tell everyone how many goals he scored.Nothing like snow boots, with just a diaper, in the middle of a nice September day. ;)
We did manage to make it up to Snowbird for Oktoberfest this year. The boys of course took advantage of the bounce houses even though they had to wait in line. Mom and dad took advantage of some of the many beers offered on tap and I found a cute little dress for a future special occasion.
Landon all tuckered out at the end of the day. We are working on potty training - a little bit - so I was a little nervous about my nice white couch.
The few carrots we did get were some of the fattest carrots I have ever seen - and oh so yummy!!