Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Hockey, Soccer and Friends

We went to another Grizzlies Hockey Game a couple of weeks ago. We again met up with the Armstrongs for dinner before the game and then we were all joined by the Williamson family. Mia, Lucas and Landon all wanted slushies that they thoroughly enjoyed, even though none of the kids managed to finish one. ;)The two babies of the group did pretty good with all the noisy Hockey fans and Deja even started to warm up to me towards the end of the night. Landon loves to do his own hair and on occasion he uses way too much kiddie gel.We had Michelle, Matt and Jordan over last weekend. The adults were able to play a little shuffle board while the three boys played downstairs. Lucas and Landon both fell asleep watching a movie and Jordan kept trying to wake them up but they were tuckered out.One day while Lucas and Steve were at a birthday party Landon and I went on a little date to the pet store and then on to ice cream. He loves having my undivided attention.
Lucas started spring soccer and is loving every minute of it!! His first game was so windy he could barely stand up and his second game was chilly with snow on the ground - but he did not complain one bit. He has managed to make three goals and is showing great improvement on defense and team work.
Landon is such a trooper when it comes to chauffeuring his brother around. The last two weeks grandma has been out of town so I have taken Landon with me while volunteering in Lucas' classroom. He does so good keeping quiet and is content to sit in a chair and color, cut and paste. Yesterday he even went out for recess with the other kids and sat with Lucas for story time afterward. Mrs. Warr said he is such a well mannered little guy that he can come back with me anytime. All the little girls just think he is so cute and he loves the attention.We went last week and met his new preschool teacher and sat to observe her class. I am so excited for him to go to his own school and watch him blossom. We also signed him up for t-ball which will start in a couple of weeks so stay tuned for pics.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sick of Being Sick

This winter the McCormack household sure has seen its fair share of illnesses within the family. Luckily for the most part it has just been your common cold or ear infections. This last round caught Landon with a runny nose and pink eye. Two weeks later Lucas had two ear infections and pink eye. Then last week I ended up with the flu and an ear infection (I realized after the fact that I was the only one in the family that did not get my flu shot). Whoops. One evening Lucas said he was cold and the next thing I knew he came downstairs wearing my robe. Not two minutes later Landon came downstairs wearing one of my nightgowns. Even when they are sick they still manage to amuse me.I am not sure why we have been so unfortunate lately since how Steve and I are both pretty much germaphobes. We are constantly washing our hands or using hand sanitizer and when it comes to our house I'm not sure how much cleaner it could get while still allowing us to live in it. I just hope and pray that we are done being sick for quit a while.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't Let the Snow Fool Ya...

We had a great time at the zoo with our friends Sarah Armstong & her 3 kiddos and Angi Williamson & her two girls. It has been a while since we have ventured to the zoo but you would have thought it was the first time we have ever been. The boys were so excited to see that the baby elephant did not look like it had grown all that much.
It was such a beautiful March day and really made us wish the snow would go away for good. Even though 1/3 of our local zoo is under reconstruction I still decided to get a family pass because it gives us something to do year round and it is the perfect place for the boys to run around and be crazy.

It was nearly impossible to get all the kids to sit still for a picture but us moms sure did try.Just as soon as it warms up again we will be back for more zoo time fun.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grizzlies Fun

Last Friday we took the boys to their first Utah Grizzlies Hockey Game. We bought season passes for Seven Peaks Water Park that included some hockey games, soccer games, indoor football games, motocross and a few other events. The Armstrong family, the Williamson family and the Carter family also bought the same passes so we are always sure to see some friends.
We met Sarah, Matt, Sean, Gracie & Isabel at Cracker Barrel for dinner before heading over to the game. The kids enjoyed splitting some cotton candy and even managed to share with Sarah.
Sarah and I really enjoyed watching the 4 really drunk couples in front of us dirty dancing to every song and making out with each other. Sarah's favorite was the girl with only one move who thought the 'duck face' made her look good. And of course that 'duck face' girl ended up getting in a fight with a guy later in the night. I just hope I was never so entertaining at a public event back in the day. Baby Isabel was such a trooper during the entire game and even let me hold her a few times. Landon was almost more disturbed by the loud horns and sirens that went off when the Grizz scored, than Isabel was.
Landon's girlfriend, Gracie, sure looked cute.
Lucas really loved when the hockey players got in a fight. We look forward to getting to experience some of the other events with good friends.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winter Swimming Lessons

Last week the boys finished up their winter swimming lessons they had been attending. I signed them up for a two week course at Fairmont Aquatic Center with Sean and Gracie Armstrong. They were the only four kids in the class and because Landon could be with his brother and friends he actually stayed with the class.

At the end of each class they were given some time to play and the older boys were allowed to go down the slide. Mom got to sit on the side of the pool with Sarah and baby Isabel and get my baby fix and some adult interaction.
The boys really liked their teacher and had so much fun swimming with the Armstrong kiddos. I am so glad we decided to do this.The last day of swim class we were all goofing around in the locker room and trying to get Lucas to pull out his loose tooth. Sarah said if he let her pull it she would give him $1. He eventually pulled the tooth out on his own and Sarah was nice enough to still give him the $1 - even though she did not pull it out. The next day Lucas could not wait to get out of school and go spend the entire $3 he got for loosing the tooth. He even gave $1 to Landon so he could buy a Hot Wheel. When I told him how nice that was of him he said "well mom it really wouldn't be fair if I got new cars and he didn't." Have I mentioned how much I love my two little ones??????

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's A Party!!!

Lucas was so excited to be able to celebrate his 6th Birthday with a swimming party at Dimple Dell Rec. Center. We had approximately 20 kids show up for the fun filled day as well as most of their parents. He was able to invite his friends from school, some old friends from preschool and friends that he has met over the past 6 years. ;)We were so happy to see Michelle and Matt show up with Jordan whom we had not seen in almost a year!! Michelle and I worked together over 6 years ago while I was pregnant with Lucas.
Lucas first met Cassidy when he was just a couple of years old. We met her wonderful parents through Aunt Cathy and love getting our families together for dinner and play time. We also love to go swimming with them in the summer and I enjoy running with Cassidy's mom during the summer. As for 'big' Gracie - Lucas has been friends with her since the day he was born.
Aunt Erin was nice enough to volunteer her time for the day to help us keep an eye on all the little kiddos in the water. All the kids enjoyed having her there to play with in the pool. Many of the parents wondered where they could get an Aunt Erin. Too bad guys....she's already spoken for.
Although these two cute little girls did not get to go swimming we were still glad they could attend the party and help us celebrate. Maggie (above) is not quit 15 months old and cute as a button and Isabel (below) is a little over three months old.
Sean, Lucas, Henry & Jordan. Notice our sweet friend Mia in the background waiting so patiently for Lucas to open the present she had brought for him.
Sam is a friend of Lucas' whom we met a couple of years ago through a mutual friend. We will be so sad to see him and his family move to Texas this summer.
Look at the excitement on these dad's faces - they were having a great old time!! ;)
Our friend Henry from school enjoyed hanging out with us all day until he got so cold in the water that his lips turned blue.
Sam, Dylan, Lucas, Jace, Jordan & Henry. Steve and Jace's dad Matt used to work together at Wells Fargo until Matt relocated to a different Wells Fargo office. We enjoy getting together for dinner and playing games and letting the boys hang out. Even though Jace is a couple of years older than Lucas, the two of them have always played really well together.
Dylan and Lucas have been buddies since they met on the playground at school when they were just 2 1/2 years old.
Lucas had lots of fun at his party and was sad to see it end. His birthday "week" ended Sunday evening with a yummy dinner and ice cream cake at grandma and papa's house with Uncle Chris, Aunt Ang and Aunt Erin. The drawing of Lucas was a present from Aunt Erin done by local artist John Kilbourn, titled Super Lucas. He could not wait to get it home and hang it on his wall. She also gave him a badge with this picture that proves he is a Super Hero.
Happy Birthday Buddy - we all love you!!