Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hair Today

I guess I am a little behind because the boys finally got their hair cut and it is now almost too long to spike again. When I went back through these pictures I just couldn't resist though.

For his birthday mom and dad got Lucas a new bike. It is a little big for him but by the summer he should be just fine. The bike does not have training wheels so he has been borrowing a balance bike from his friend Seany so that he will learn how to ride his new bike. He is so excited to be able to shift gears and is getting used to using the hand brakes.
He does really well on the balance bike but is still too timid to take off on his new bike by himself.
I think it is also time for a new helmet as well....... :)Meanwhile....Landon has been enjoying stomping around the kitchen in mom's shoes. I wish I could share the sound with you all because that is a key component. Oh well....

Steve had the great idea of putting an old bike light on the four wheeler so now the boys love playing outside when it gets dark.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Lucas

Two weeks ago Lucas celebrated his 5th Birthday! We started the festivities by having a family birthday party at Grandma & Papa's house where Lucas ate his favorite dinner - macaroni & cheese with hot dogs (the rest of us had yummy Mastacolli) followed by an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. On the day of his actual birthday Lucas woke up early to open presents from mom, dad & Landon. He was so excited about the new G.I. Joe guys from his brother!

After breakfast Lucas was off to school where he would be celebrating his special day with all his classmates and his teachers. Again this year he chose to take the famous pink frosting cookies for his treat because they are his favorite.After school I picked up Lucas and then the two of us picked up big Gracie from her babysitters so that she could join us for a fun filled day at Classic Fun Center. Lucas was so excited to see his long time friend and proceeded to talk a mile a minute - mostly about superheros of course. Lucas was also excited to have so many other friends gathered around to help him celebrate. The first half hour the kids got to run around and ride their scooters before sitting down for pizza and soft drinks.

Off to play some video games.....
One of his favorite games at Classic is the motorcycle racing. I told him to enjoy the ride there because as long as he is under my roof he will never own a real one. Luckily for now the game is sufficient and even at this age he managed to get a cute girl to ride along with him. ;)
Not to be outdone by his brother.....Landon as well got a cute girl to ride with him.
Luckily little Gracie was too busy to notice that big Gracie was getting attention from the McCormack boys.
Back to the party for cake, ice cream and presents.

After dropping Gracie off Lucas could not wait to get home to play with all his new toys. He did manage to take a little break to talk to all the family members and friends who called to wish him well and to go out for dinner with mom, dad and Landon. Needless to say I don't remember him having a hard time falling asleep that night.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Playing Together

As I was looking at these pictures I was trying to decide on a title for this post. What did all of these pictures have in common - other than the obvious fact that they are of the boys? Well they are pictures of Lucas and Landon playing together and having fun at the same time - something I was beginning to think would never happen.......

Lucas was using his dogs water bowl to catch the milk - yes he was milking his horse as Landon took a ride. ;)

Snack Time - no moms allowed!!

Since going to the Monster Truck Show the boys have been playing with their monster trucks a lot. I like to sit back and listen to the different scenarios that Lucas will come up...... how many cars will his monster trucks jump and how many wrecks will there be? Lucas has been begging us to take his trucks outside so he can play in the mud but mom had to put her foot down. He has his outside toys and he has inside toys. Really, I am trying to loosen up......

We all love spending time at grandma Judy's house and just hanging out.
The boys love that Uncle Chris is tall enough to place them on top of the t.v. stand and grandma love that at least part of that stand is getting dusted. :)