Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nova Scotia - Part 5 - Beaches & Lighthouses

Our beautiful day at the Roseway Beach less than a mile down the road from great grandma's house.We all had so much fun hanging out on the beach playing in the water and the sand. We found lots of seashells and rocks to bring home as treasures.
Steve, Lucas, Landon, Papa Joe and I enjoyed playing soccer, Frisbee and Airobi in the front yard at Great Grandma Hagar's house.
This is the old house that sits behind great grandma's house where Steve's great grandparents lived.
On our way back to Halifax on Saturday we were able to stop and visit a couple of lighthouses along the way. This was Fort Point Lighthouse just outside Liverpool, Nova Scotia and it is the first lighthouse we have been able to go into.
The boys loved blowing the foghorn in the top of the lighthouse and of course playing on the cannons.
This is the Port Medway Lighthouse with a seagull perched on top.
This is Port Medway Lighthouse without the seagull.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nova Scotia - Part 4 - Shelburne

We got to spend the better part of one day just hanging out in downtown Shelburne. Even though it was drizzling all day we still managed to enjoy ourselves. Of course the boys loved climbing all over the various attractions and I enjoyed browsing in the tourist shops and art galleries. The boys spent at least an hour hanging out along the Harbour just throwing rocks in the water.
Shortly after I took the picture above Lucas slipped off this anchor and all Steve heard was a thud and then laughing. I was sorry to have missed it. :)
Lucas and Landon thought it was pretty cool that they could run around under this building. I guess part of the movie The Scarlet Letter was filmed in this location. One day I will get around to watching it.
We also took a little drive to just outside Shelburne to see the Sandy Point Lighthouse, one of many I would get to see during our trip.
One evening Steve and I took advantage of our "built in babysitters" and headed into Shelburne to the Seadog Saloon where we watched the tail end of the sail boat races, watched the sun set and the moon rise all while sharing a mediocre pitcher of beer. Luckily the conversation and the views made up for the beer. The boys were so happy to see that we did not stay out too long and we even managed to make it back in time to watch Big Brother. :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nova Scotia - Part 3 - Ox Haul

We were lucky enough to take in the Shelburne Fair while we were in Nova Scotia which included the Ox Hauls. We were so amazed at how large the ox were, I had no idea!!
Well these two were not that big but they were only 2 months old. We found out the trainer for these two little guys is a 6 year old boy!
This guy looked at me like I was crazy when I asked him if I could take a picture of his team of oxen, I'm sure he was thinking stupid American tourist. We did not stay for the entire ox haul but about half way through this particular pair was still winning.
The team of oxen weighed 3,250 lbs. and were able to pull 11,600 lbs. - what an amazing thing to witness.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Nova Scotia - Part 3 - Yarmouth

Our main reason for the family trip to Nova Scotia was to go and visit Steve's Grandma Hagar who is 93 years old. The last time we were up in Nova Scotia was for her 90th birthday party and to move her from her own home in Roseway, Nova Scotia to her assisted living home in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. She seemed to be in great spirits and she seemed to know who we were which was an improvement from the last time we saw her.
While in Yarmouth we managed to take a little detour to the Cape Forchu Lighthouse.
Each time we made the trip to see Great Grandma Hagar, Landon would walk into the living room where she was watching television and automatically give her a hug. The last day we went to visit her we picked up some chocolate for her and he was so excited to give it to her and show her everything we got (and she was pretty excited to eat it.) Steve came in the room and started putting the chocolate back in her bag so we could all eat lunch together and she said "Well can't I have a piece of my chocolate?"
The boys were not quit sure what to think of Autumn, the daughter of one of the nurses from the elderly home. She was a bubbly whirlwind as she entered the living room full of strangers. She kept trying to get Lucas to dance with her, she wanted him to twirl her and even give her a kiss when we were leaving. Needless to say she was quit entertaining to us and to all the house residents.

Nova Scotia - Part 2 - Pictures I Had to Share

Cape Forchu - Yarmouth, Nova Scotia - Looking Out to Sea
Shelburne, Nova Scotia - A Light in the Eye of a Storm
Shelburne, Nova Scotia - Our Doors Are Always Open
Shelburne Harbour, Nova Scotia - A Ship @Sea
Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia