Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1st Soccer Game

Lucas and Landon had their first soccer games of the season last Saturday.  Lucas is the Blue Ninjas and scored 1 goal for his team.  Not sure what name the boys decided on for Landon's team but it was his first game ever and he managed to score 4 goals and assist with the other goal.  I am so excited to watch the boys play this season!!

Pool Days

Our Visit w/ Aunt Tona & AJ

Over Labor Day weekend, we were fortunate enough to get a visit from my sister Tonia and her grandson AJ.  They arrived Thursday around dinner time and stayed til Monday.  The boys knew they were getting a surprise but I did not tell them what it was, so they were pleasantly surprised to answer the door.

Landon enjoyed having someone younger than himself to play with and especially enjoyed having a dog for a couple of days.

Friday we went shopping in the morning at the mall and then went to get Lucas from school where the kids were allowed to play for a bit.  We spent the afternoon just hanging out at the house and after dinner Tonia and I went for a walk with AJ and Landon.  That evening we played outside with the kids until it got dark.

Saturday after Tonia and I woke up early and ran 5 miles, the two of us took AJ and hit a few stores around town.  I was pretty tired from waking up so early.  ;)

Sunday we woke up early and Tonia and I took the three kids to the zoo.  We have not been since they remodeled a big part of it and added seals, sea lions and a polar bear.  We had so much fun and now that we have a season pass again, the boys and I will be back there a lot.
Our visit with Aunt Tona went way too fast but we sure enjoyed her and AJ's company.  Oh and Barley Dog too.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

More Hiking & Biking

One of my favorite hikes this year was a trail that Angi Williamson discovered while camping at the Spruces Campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  It was so beautiful and we came across this print in the mud that we think is from a bear.  It was the size of my entire hand!

The boys are both finally old enough to ride the jumps and trails at the end of Newcastle.  We all enjoy playing around on these hills and trying to catch some "air". 

A cute little bridge we discovered while hiking part of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail that we picked up from my favorite park on 11700 South and Wasatch.  This would be such a cute place for family photos in the spring.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Day of School - 2012

 Lucas started 2nd grade at Quail Hollow Elementary and Landon started his second year of preschool at Wonder Kids Preschool.
 Monkey See Monkey Do.....showing off their favorite back to school shirts.

Camping - 2012

The weekend before starting back to school, Steve and I loaded up the truck and the boys and headed for the mountains.  It was our first camping trip of the summer and our first camping trip by ourselves with no other couples or families.  We ended up in the Uintah Mountains at a spot we have been to the last three years.  We love it because it is secluded and sits up a hill next to the river. 

Unfortunately because of the dry summer weather, there was just a little stream.  Yet still enough water to put out our fires and clean our hands and feet.  ;)

Smores...................need I say more?
Saturday we all took our bikes and hit a trail that went along the road and the river.  As you can see, Lucas was not a big fan of the slight incline through gravel but he really enjoyed when we turned around and headed back to the truck.

We headed back to camp after our ride where we went and cooled off in the water yet again and found lots of rocks to smash.
We did get some rain on Saturday afternoon so we all just hung out in the tent playing cards and dice.  Just before dinner the weather cleared up and we were able to start a fire for our dinner.  We had so much fun and it was a great way to spend the last weekend of summer.