Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sun Valley, Idaho - MGW 2010

Last weekend me and 8 friends loaded up in two vehicles and made the 5 hour drive to Sun Valley, ID for our annual MGW (Moms Gone Wild) trip. The drive down there we were all just so excited to see what the weekend would have in store for us without the responsibility of having to take care of little ones. About half way into the drive we did get a nail in one of the tires on Sarah's van but luckily Angi knew right where to go and they had us in and out of there in no time. After checking out the house we headed to dinner at Grumpy's Bar & Grille where Angi and I partook in their extremely large beers and then it was off to the grocery store to get some food for the weekend. Friday morning I woke up and went for a run and then we spent the majority of the day at a fun little salon getting manicures and pedicures. The atmosphere was really unique and we were even allowed to bring in a bottle of wine - which we did end up eventually drinking out of glasses rather than the bottle. ;) Then it was back to the house where we all helped each other get all dolled up for our night on the town. We had a yummy dinner at the Roosevelt Grille and then we all headed across the street to Whiskey Jacques for drinks & dancing.Back: Sarah Armstrong, Brandi Colby, Agnes McCormack, Deanna Lemke
Front: Allison Blankenship, Jessenia Thaxton, Angi Williamson, Lori Carter, Sarah WattsThe three very obviously pregnant ladies were such troopers all night and remained bellied up at the bar until one in the morning! I think they were quit entertained by the remainder of the group who was feeling no pain. ;)Towards the end of the night I was beckoned on stage by the drummer to play the tambourine. Later as the bouncers were trying to get everyone to leave I informed them that I was in the band. ;) They did not think I was all that funny but I sure did. I did walk away with a drum stick, a CD and a poster of the band Kole Moulton & Lnly Road - all signed of course. We also walked away with a load of memories of an incredible night.Saturday morning I woke up and went for another run on the trail that ran right by our house. It was so beautiful in the mornings and the trail ran all along the canyon and went by one of the many golf courses. Deanna, Angi, Jessenia & I headed into town for lunch before we took off to a local ranch where we had booked a horseback riding tour. The road to the ranch turned into dirt and became very narrow with a long drop off on one side and sliding rocks on the other. Deanna was driving her car and ran over a rock that ended up putting a very large hole in her gas tank. Luckily we were able to catch a ride down the mountain with a friendly forest ranger. The car was towed right away but there was no one within 100 miles who could do anything with it until Monday. Deanna's husband ended up driving down in their 4-Runner to tow the car back to SLC to be fixed by their mechanic. During the whole ordeal the whole community of Ketchum was so nice and friendly and showed genuine concern for 9 ladies in distress. Needless to say we did not get to go horse back riding but instead enjoyed walking around downtown Ketchum and getting in some shopping. I fell in love with this little town and would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice little vacation spot.Saturday night we all stayed at the house and cooked a very yummy pasta dinner and sat around reminiscing about all the fun and exciting things that had happened on our trip. A couple of us girls were up for one more adventure as we stepped out into the pitch black night to try to find the community hot tub. We found the Community Center but it was not open as we had been told it would be - oh well it was a beautiful night for a walk and we could see more stars than I thought imaginable. Although I missed my boys tremendously I am already thinking about next years trip.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day Weekend - 2010

Labor Day weekend we loaded up the family and headed up to The Canyons outside of Park City for the weekend. We stayed at the Grand Summit Hotel with Sarah, Matt, Sean & Gracie Armstrong in a two bedroom suite. Friday night we ate a delicious dinner of Manacotti prepared by Sarah and snacked on her yummy homemade cookies. Steve and Matt had to get up early Saturday morning for their Point to Point duo bike race so we all went to bed early.

While the guys were racing Sarah and I loaded up all the kids in her van and went to finish up some school shopping at the outlet mall. We then spent the remainder of the day hanging out around the Hotel waiting for Steve to finish up his half of the race. The kids loved playing in the sandbox and I loved not having to worry about them wandering off in the crowd.

Matt and Steve improved their overall time by a half hour from last year which is always a nice feeling. Steve finished the race around dinner time so we grabbed some food from a pizza place in one of the hotels and then sat down on the grass to enjoy the live entertainment.

Sunday morning we all woke up early and Steve and I made a yummy breakfast minus the eggs that we forgot at home. ;) Then we headed down to the swimming pool so the boys could show off their skills.

We had such a wonderful weekend with great friends and look forward to next year.

Lucas Goes to Kindergarten

It is so hard to believe that my little peanut is old enough to go to Kindergarten!! I remember bringing him home from the hospital and that seems like it was just yesterday.He has been going to school now for the past 3 weeks and although the first week we were both completely tear free there have since been a couple of days where he did not want mom or dad to leave him. He says he loves school, except when we are rushing around in the morning trying to get ready and he does not have time to play with his toys or his video games.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Camping Trip #2 - Uintas

The weekend before school started we went with our friends Bart, Angi, Mia and Deja camping up in the Uintas. Steve took Friday off so he could help pack and so that we could get up in the mountains before dinner to get a good spot. We knew we wanted to go around Mirror Lake but did not want to have people right next to us. We found the perfect spot by the river but not close enough that we had to really worry about the kids wondering off without us - there was actually a steep hill you had to climb down to get to the river. After setting up camp we went for a little walk down to the river while we waited for the Williamson Family to join us at camp. Steve also drove down the mountain to get firewood since we never seem to have enough room. While Steve was getting firewood the boys and I had fun walking around collecting little pieces of wood and building the "T.P." that would eventually be the starter of our fire. When Steve got back we cooked some yummy bratwurst for dinner, changed into warmer clothes and eventually Angi and her family joined us. We got the fire started and enjoyed smores before calling it an early night. Saturday morning after having a yummy breakfast of 'Round Things' grilled up by Bart and Angi most of us headed down to the river to do some exploring. Lucas loved that mom and dad allowed him to walk in the water and get wet and especially loved finding rocks with mom that we were able to break with larger rocks. Landon was a little timid and preferred to stand on the edge of the water throwing rocks. After lunch Steve went for a bike ride and the boys and I went with Angi, Bart and the girls down to Mirror Lake to do some fishing. Just standing on the shore we were able to see the fish swimming in front of us but they were not interested in what we had to offer them. The McCormack construction site is not only fun for boys but for girls as well. Mia and little sister Deja are not afraid of a little dirt.We ended the day with another yummy dinner - chicken this time, a walk to check out a sleeping baby bear (it was actually a pair of discarded black sweat pants) and again with the yummy smores.Sunday was our turn to cook breakfast and we did the traditional bacon, sausage, eggs and hash browns. After packing up camp we all drove down the road and stopped at Provo River Falls. Just as we were leaving there, the clouds rolled in - perfect timing. We then again met up with Angi and her family in Kamas where we enjoyed a late lunch at the Yolk. We had a great weekend with great friends and can't wait to go year.