Saturday, April 17, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Originally Lucas wanted me to take a picture of him and the Easter Bunny he drew but for some reason each time I look at this picture the first thing I see is someone else's squishy tail. Both boys love drawing on the white board no matter what time of day and we obviously don't have any dress requirements. ;) With all the school papers & artwork Lucas already brings home from preschool it is nice to have the board to doodle on and I feel good about not using so much paper.

Each year on the evening before Easter Sunday we boil the eggs that will soon hold many variations of artwork from the McCormack clan. This year we got to decorate 12 extra eggs that would eventually become the deviled eggs we planned to take with us to the Armstrong's house for Easter dinner.

Lucas liked to have multiple eggs dyeing at the same time while Landon preferred to tie-dye his eggs by drizzling the many different colors on his eggs. Steve and I did manage to unleash some of our artistic talent on a couple of the eggs before Lucas dubbed the rest of the eggs for himself.

Our dyeing kit came with a sheet of teeny tiny stickers that Landon tried so desperately to apply to his eggs. This managed to keep him busy long enough for us to get the mess cleaned up and then some.

I loved watching his chubby little fingers try to get those little stickers off. He would get one undone only to have it stick to himself or the counter which he would then intensely work at getting it off that surface so he could try to get it on his egg which it didn't stick to anyway.......... We are still finding those little stickers everywhere but that's ok because he enjoyed every minute of it.

The fingers of a two year old and a five year old.

Easter morning the boys woke up nice and early and came into mom and dads room around 6:30 a.m. We told them they had to lay in bed with us until the 6 turned into a 7 and believe me it was exactly 7:00 when we rolled out of bed.

Lucas was thrilled to see that the Easter Bunny had brought him a new G.I. Joe and Star Wars character.

Landon was thrilled that the eggs were finally filled with candy and proceeded to have a very nutritious breakfast. He also liked the Grave Digger truck the Easter Bunny brought him.

Sunday evening we headed to Sarah, Matt, Sean & Gracie's house for a delicious Easter dinner. Sarah had made a yummy ham, twice baked potato's, green bean casserole and we brought a salad and deviled eggs. We also had the most delicious chocolate pie for dessert. After dinner we all enjoyed a much needed walk around the block and then played a mean game of soccer.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some Funny Things We Say

Lately one of Lucas and my favorite things to do is have Landon say certain things that sound a little funny the way he says them. Sticker for example comes out more like "ticker", Grave Digger (a monster truck) sounds more like "Grave Deeeegerr" and our all time favorite exactly sounds more like "esssaccly". Needless to say we are easily amused. :)
On the other hand Lucas has said his fair share of things that have put a grin on my face. Last week while being told that he was going to have a privilege taken away if he kept up the attitude he responded with "I don't care! Boo hiss!" and later when his brother got hurt while trying to hit him Lucas said "I don't have any symphony!". For once I did not have to stop and wonder where he had come up with this stuff. I love that Lucas was so willing to share his ice cream with his brother.

When the boys are getting along I like to just sit back and watch them play together. On this particular day I did not have the heart to make them stop throwing the plastic Easter Eggs in the house. They had a blast throwing those little eggs at each other and everything else in sight. In fact I just found one of those eggs in my plant a couple of days ago. ;)

Caught red handed in the fridge sneaking "caffeine" as Lucas likes to refer to our Diet Coke w/Lime.
and pretty proud of himself.

Landon did not need any help when it came to eating the Easter sugar cookies. He went for frosting and that was it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Let the Games Begin.....

So a week before Lucas was to start his first spring soccer game Steve and I got a call from the AYSO Regional Commissioner letting us know that we were the new coaches for Lucas' soccer team. We knew our old coach was leaving the team and we said we would consider taking his place if there were no other volunteers....... That first week before our first practice and game was pretty stressful with us trying to get applications and testing completed as well as contacting the parents of our team members to let them know we had our first game in less than a week. Since I did play soccer in high school and Steve has no experience with the sport, I have been the one to take over the coaching responsibilities. Since that first week it has been pretty laid back and has not required too much time. As you can tell it was also pretty stressful for Landon and Grandma Judy as well....jk. I am just happy that Landon has not had a meltdown and ran out onto the field to mommy yet as he did the whole time during our first practice.

Not that Lucas is keeping track or anything.....but we did win our first game of the season, with him scoring one of the numerous goals.
The second game however did not go so well. We had all four of our players on the field against the three attending players of the other team and still only managed to score one goal. Even though in our league at this age we don't usually have a goalie, I decided to try it out if for no other reason than giving our goalie a chance to catch his breath.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gone Tomorrow

WOW!! What a difference a hair cut makes...for many different reasons. I always wait so long to get their hair cut and then they really look like completely different boys. I love how it takes like two seconds to wash and rinse it. I also like having the option of just letting it be, spiking it or giving them the faux-hawk.
I think the ladies prefer the short hair too. Our cute little friend Danee came over to play one morning and seemed to take a liking to Lucas. She would sit down and play with Landon but it was not long before she was off crawling to see if she could find Lucas.

We know Gracie loves the McCormack boys.....with or without hair. They sure do look so innocent sitting in that chair but their mommies know better.

One morning while Lucas was at preschool Landon and I went to kill some time shopping at Target and ran into our favorite Williamson sisters and their mommy. My friend Angi and I were able to sit and visit for quit a bit while Landon and Mia played so well together. I also got to play with baby Deja and get my baby fix for the day. Who knew that Target could be so much fun??

For St. Patrick's Day we took a trip to the zoo to visit some long lost relatives. jk
We did however have a great time playing with Sean and Gracie Armstrong while mom and Sarah watched the male giraffe try and get lucky. I would post the pics on my blog for you all to see but I am afraid that the few people who actually read my blog would be frightened away. :)

My attempt at getting all 4 kids on the tigers was not as successful as getting them all on the rhino......