Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 1 - San Diego, California - Vacation

Friday night we packed up our rental car so that we could get up early Saturday morning and be on the road by 5 am. It was about 5:15 by the time we hit Interstate-15 and headed south for San Diego, California on our good ol' family road trip. I figured the boys would go back to sleep once we were on the road but I think they were too excited to go back to sleep.
We packed a cooler with drinks and sandwich supplies so that all we would have to do is stop for gas and restroom breaks. After watching movies and coloring all morning, the boys settled down for an afternoon nap.
We pulled into our hotel in Carlsbad, California around 2:30 Pacific time.
After getting settled in we wondered around the hotel property and then headed across the street to check out the ocean.
It felt good to get out and walk along the beach after sitting in the car all day. We made sure to fill up our pockets with rocks and seashells before heading back to the hotel where we planned to have dinner at the restaurant there.
Even though it was a little chilly we ate our pizza outside around the table fire before heading over to the swimming pool - or hot tub for us older folks. ;)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gymnastics and Soccer

Landon has been going to gymnastics for the past month and absolutely loves it! For some reason my camera does not take very good pictures in the gym so one of these days I will remember to take the other camera.
The boys got to meet Sebastian Velasquez from Real Salt Lake professional soccer team. He was at the field watching a friends son play soccer on the opposing team and our coach asked him if he would ref the game, not knowing at the time who he was. As soon as Sebastian pulled his bleached "rat tail" out from under his jacket, the gig was up. All the parents, kids and coaches started to recognize the player.
When our coach asked him if he would ref Sebastian said "Well I don't really like refs, but I guess I'll do it." Soon we figured out why he doesn't like refs. :)
Sebastian was really down to earth and being new to the US for only a couple of months, he is still not used to going places and being recognized. Hard not to recognize that "rat tail". He was such a good sport, sticking around after the game and taking lots of pictures with the kids.
Such a fun day!!
At home on many evenings and on Saturdays, our front yard turns into the local soccer field for all the kids in the neighborhood. I love to watch them all playing outside and getting along with kids of all different ages.

Sledding & Stuff

So not only have I been slacking with my blog but I have also not been taking very many pictures........Anyways, here are some old ones.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lucas Turns 7!!!

Lucas woke up on his birthday to presents & decorations. Of course once he saw the big present he immediately knew what was inside. :)
He also got the Diary of a Whimpy Kid movie from Landon, which was the only thing he asked for this year for his birthday.
Unfortunately Lucas had to get ready to go to school but luckily it was a short day.
Don't worry, we also got him some knee and elbow pads to wear with his helmet when riding his new skateboard outside.
Steve had the day off work so after picking up Lucas from school the four of us decided to go bowling. It was a beautiful day so we then went home to try out his new skateboard. Lucas was disappointed to find out that it is a lot harder to ride outside than it was inside on the carpet. He thought he would just be able to hop on and go, and got discouraged when we told him it was like riding a bike in that it will take practice. I'll let you know how that goes.
At the request of Lucas, we had tacos for dinner and brownies for dessert. We then settled in for the night to watch Diary of a Whimpy Kid. It's hard to believe my little peanut is 7 years old!!

A Birthday Game

This year I told Lucas that we were not going to do a big Birthday Party with all of his friends but that he could choose a couple of friends and pick something fun to do. He decided he wanted to go to a Jazz Basketball game. I also told him he could choose anywhere he wanted to eat before the game and he chose Subway - of all places. Lucas decided to invite his best little buddies Sean and Henry to go to the game with us.
All of the boys were very excited and after some slight complications with our seats we finally got to sit down and watch the game. Poor Henry was ready to go home in the first quarter but Lucas was having none of that.
Once the boys were settled in with their candy and pop they were content to watch the game. They all thought they were pretty cool in their free Jazz t-shirts and still had them on the next day when they went home.
Despite the fact that the Jazz were ahead by nearly 20 points, Lucas still did not want to leave the game until the clock ran down to zero. Needless to say, by the time we got home and got ready for bed it was well past bedtime.
The boys were so excited to get outside the next morning so they could show off some of the skills they learned from watching the Jazz. Lucas was excited to try out his new Jazz basketball that he got from Sean.
Lucas and Landon both had such a fun time at the game and just hanging out with their friends and I didn't have the headache and stress of planning a big birthday bash. Win win.