Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Landon's 2nd Birthday

Can you believe my baby turned two over a week ago? I sure can't but I have to say we have had a wonderful two years with the little guy and can't imagine what we did without him. Since Landon got a lot of his brothers hand me down toys and the fact that his birthday is so close to Christmas; we decided to combine his big Christmas & Birthday present and get him something he could enjoy for a couple of years. Landon loves driving his brothers jeep and when he was about 18 months old he started driving a 4-wheeler, just like this one, that one of his friends owns. We could not believe that such a little guy just hopped right on and took off!! I think Landon and Lucas both like the new 4-wheeler.

We celebrated Landon's 2nd Birthday by having a party with friends and family at the house. Lucas and Landon loved helping me decorate with streamers and Elmo themed decorations. I made a big pot of Tortilla Soup and brownies to go along with the Elmo cake. Landon was so excited and every time he heard the door bell ring he ran to greet his guests.

Big Brother Lucas enjoying some chicken and beans from the tortilla soup (and yes he had a big ol' pile of dip). ;)
Like his brother, Landon likes things separate on his plate - for example - meat, cheese, beans and dip. Needless to say.... neither one is a big fan of casseroles or lasagna. :(

The birthday boy in all his glory.

Gracie Armstong befriends Jack Turvey but don't worry she is still Landon's #1 girlfriend.

Not the best picture ever but a great story. Mia is a cute little 4 year old who took an immediate liking to Papa Joe. She sat downstairs by him watching Monsters vs. Aliens. When he went upstairs she followed him and kept saying 'Let's go back downstairs and watch the movie'. Papa Joe really got a kick out of her. I am just jealous because she spoke more to him in one evening than she ever has to me.

Sarah getting her baby fix with adorable little Maggie - who was wearing the cutest little party dress. Landon used to get jealous when I would hold baby Maggie or baby Deja but he is getting better.

Baby Deja with her mommy Angi.

Steve had to get his baby fix as well. jk Maggie is such a good baby no matter who is holding her. ;)

Cake Time!!
He just looked around in awe as we all sang Happy Birthday the first and the second time. Our friend Mia was downstairs with Papa and missed the first rendition and so we sang it again so she could join us. When it came time to open the presents Landon knew exactly what to do.......

Sean and Sam goofin' around.

Mia, Angi & Sam - who had those binoculars on his eyes most of the night. I must remember to ask his mom if he has a pair. ;) We had such a wonderful time with family and friends and appreciate each and every one of you for helping us celebrate such an important day.

Landon's actual birthday was Sunday the day after his party and so he got to hang out all day and play with his new toys. He also got to wear his special shirt that his brother got him for his birthday.
Lucas got to pick out his own clothes.........

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Under the Weather

Shortly after returning home from Wyoming Landon came down with an ear infection which then started to move into his eyes. Luckily we caught the infection early enough that his eyes did not get too bad. However our little guy looked so sick and really wasn't his happy go lucky self for a couple of days. (His little friend Gracie however was not feeling bad at all. ;))No sooner was he feeling better than his brother started complaining about his ears hurting and his left eye started getting red and goopie. I immediately drugged him up with some of his brothers remaining antibiotics until we could get him his own prescription called in and filled. It is amazing to me how quickly the antibiotics seem to kick in.
On the mend....the boys have been having more and more moments like the one captured below. Believe it or not but the first shot was unprompted - I just wanted to get a picture of them because they moved their chairs at lunch to sit by each other.

For those of you wondering......NO that is not a big plate of Ketchup! It is tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good ol' Laramie Lanes

While spending time with family in Laramie we decided to take Lucas & Landon and their great cousins Braeden & McKayla bowling. Although it was the first time bowling for the McCormack boys the McCann kids were no rookies. McKayla ended up beating all the boys!!

Landon needed a little bit of help and occasionally copped an attitude because I would not let him carry the ball by himself.

Braeden & Lucas sure do look innocent here.....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Day we woke up around 7 am and Uncle Robert and Aunt Shelly had already arrived at Grandma Janice's house to open presents. The wind was blowing 90 to nothing so we were unable to see the reindeer tracks and there was no sign of the carrots we had left for them. Had it not been for the fact that Santa's cookies and milk were gone, the stocking were full and there were more presents under the tree we might have thought Santa had passed us by. ;) The boys enjoyed going through their stockings first to discover new tooth brushes to go along with all the candy they received. Landon wrote a letter to Santa asking for toys with buttons that made noise and he was not disappointed. Lucas wrote a letter to Santa asking for G.I. Joe's and not only did Santa deliver but so did Uncle Robert and Aunt Shelly as well as mom and dad.

Opening all those presents can be exhausting for puppies & little boys.......
and for big boys too!!
All cleaned up and ready to play with new toys.

Christmas day we also had Aunt Terri, Uncle Paul, Cousin Jenika, and Great Cousins Braeden and McKayla over to Grandma's for dinner. The boys loved playing with their great cousins and getting to eat Christmas dinner together.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Eve

We arrived safely to my mom's house in Wyoming on December 23 with very little incident. Landon has never been a big fan of traveling and so when he started saying he wanted "down" before we had even left the Salt Lake Valley I was a little worried that we were in for a long day. Fortunately with all the snacks, movies and fun things we had packed for the drive he ended up doing pretty good until we were about 10 minutes outside of our destination and he started fussing again.

We spent Christmas Eve with my mom, my brother Robert and his fiance Shelly, my sister Tonia, my niece Shaunelle and her husband Jason and their baby AJ, my niece Kathy and my nephew Destin. Ever since I can remember we have always had ham sandwiches on Christmas Eve as well as all sorts of different goodies. This year was the first year I have ever made the ham spread and so with all the taste testing that needed to be done I was not very hungry when it came time to eat an actual sandwich.

Aunt Tonia got the boys G.I. Joe dolls for Christmas that they absolutely loved.

U.S.M.C. - just like cousin Kent.
Mommy & Shelly relaxing.
Cousin Kathy.
The boys in their new p.j.'s that they opened Christmas Eve. This is a wonderful tradition that I started for Lucas' first Christmas - even mommy & daddy get new p.j.'s.
This year I let the boys open the gifts they got each other on Christmas Eve. Landon got his own kid proof digital camera and Lucas got The Marvel Encyclopedia.

What I love most about Christmas......